Kos: Aromas and flavors of the Aegean!

Kos: Aromas and flavors of the Aegean!

Behind the tourism development and the thousands of foreign visitors, the third largest island in Dodecanese, is living in its own rhythms!

Bicycle riding in the afternoon, while the sun sets in the Palms Avenue, the smell of cedar while diving in the crystal clear waters of the High Cliffs, the taste of local products in the taverns at Platani and concetration under the shade of the plane tree of Hippocrates is priceless values that you can only find on this island!

Some, not so accustomed, exotic destinations!

The capital

While entering the harbour of Kos town, from the picture you can see, it’s understandable that the city has been built in imitation of the Italian architecture: palm trees, colonial style buildings and castles are the images that will be kept in your memory. Among modern buildings, preserved neoclassical and minarets, you can see the ancient market place, the large plane tree under which Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used to teach, but also mosques and bike lanes.

The villages

Built on a hill, Kefalos has narrow streets and long history, as it was the first capital of the island. From there you can head to many beaches on the south side of the island.

Almost in the center of the island you can find Pili, while further south Antimachia. Both villages are of archaeological interest, since in the first you can find remnants of the Byzantine period in Paleo Pili, while in Antimahia you can admire the castle.

Tigaki and Marmari are located on the west side and are both well-known resorts, where you will find many options for dining and entertainment.

The traditional village of Zia is built on the slopes of a mountain and from there you can admire the view of the whole island, the surrounding islands and Turkey. Picturesque white houses and hospitable residents make Zia, a destination that deserves to be visited.

Platani is the old Turkish quarter of the island. The village is famous for its taverns with food from Asia and Turkey, but also for the sweet called “ntomataki” (made with tomatoes), that is being made by women of the village.

“Therma” is located at the eastern end of the island and is famous for its healing waters. It has hot water, between massive rocks, which means that you can enjoy swimming and winter!

The most famous beaches are in Tigaki, Kardamena, Marmari and Mastichari. Ideal for water sports and wind surf is the Tam-Tam beach, near Mastichari. The most quiet beaches are these of Agios Stefanos, the Turtle and St. Theologian. Also do not miss the chance to swim at the beach of Agios Fokas, but also to the beaches near Kefalos.

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